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1. What kind of Bus to Nha Trang? 

Routes from Saigon to Nha Trang for about 430km, depending on which vehicle you choose, the time will spend different. If you travel by plane only takes 60 minutes, then take a bus from 8-9 hours. Currently there are 3 main types of bus to Nha Trang: bed and limousine car. 

Limousine Bus to Nha Trang on the market today:

– Cabin bed Bus to Nha Trang: The most modern cars in the transportaton sector, it often has about 20-22 cabins per bus. The interior is improved with ultra fancy convenient. Each cabin has separate curtain, create private space for passengers. Particularly with large size customers who can lie extension. Spacious certainly provides extremely comfort for passengers. The bus operators is famous for its cabin bed line: Tra Lan Vien, Cuc Tu, Xe Nha Bus, Phuong An Bus, …

Tra Lan Vien Bus
Tra Lan Vien Bus
Xe Nha Bus
Xe Nha Bus
Nội thất xe Phúc An Express
Phuc An Express Furnitures

– Limousine Bus to Nha Trang: A high-end bed bus, thick mattress and softer and curtains in each bed. Normally this vehicles will be about 30-34 beds. Passengers can use the curtain to create their own space, the size is quite large so that is very comfortable. The Bus operator is famous for its class: Viet Nhat Bus, Lien Hung, Chon My Limousine, Limousine Thanh Thuy, … 

Chon My Limousine to Nha Trang
Chon My Limousine to Nha Trang

– Sleep Bus to Nha Trang: Normal bed bus, with about 38-45 beds each one. Average size bed, not comfortable for tall passengers. However, the reasonable price. With the shortest route as Saigon – Nha Trang, is also quite popular vehicles. The Bus operator is famous for its class: Tra Lan Vien, Xe Nha Bus, ….

Compare prices bus companies to Nha Trang: (Latest updated March 2020)

Types of car Car’s Company Fares
Cabin BusTra Lan Vien Bus350.000 VND/ ticket
Xe Nha Bus400.000 VND/ ticket
Cuc Tu Busfrom 330.000 VND/ ticket
Ha Linh Bus400.000 VND/ ticket
LimousineLien Hungfrom 220.000 VND/ ticket – 350.000 VND/ ticket
Chon My Limousine300.000 VND/ ticket
Thanh Thuy Limousine340.000 VND/ ticket
Thanh Ban Bus250.000 VND/ ticket
Bed BusLien Hung220.000 VND/ ticket

Quang Hanh220.000 VND/ ticket
Phuc An220.000 VND/ ticket
Viet Nhat220.000 VND/ ticket

More automakers same the route with the lowest price in

Buses to Nha Trang from Sai Gon

Buses to Sai Gon from Nha Trang