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Dalat is an ideal tourist destination at any time of the year by the mild climate and poetic scenery. Understanding the desire for a safe journey and experience the top utility to Dalat, many companies have invested in high-quality bed car for passenger service. Recently, the demand for Da Lat car bed with toilet were much more looking, today VeXeRe will synthesize companies serving this high quality services. 

Continuous improvement, constantly improve the services to prove 5-star class from the vehicles to items services associated.

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* What is limousine with luxury bed?

Luxury limousine, also known as cabin car or private vehicle cabin bed, VIP bed has hit the milestone success in the passenger transport sector in Vietnam.

Previously, the limousine is mentioned to indicate one kind of luxury buses, elongated baffle separate between the driver and the passenger behind with all top utilities that only the high society can own and use.

Until manufacturers limousine Vietnam launched Limousine lines improved from the 47 seats car into the 20 seats luxury bus. Now all passengers can experience the limousine service of the hotel bus manufacturers with affordable prices. Currently, the synthetic limousine luxury at have up to 6 companies. Passengers can experience the service with the lowest fares.

Bus to Da Lat: The Sinh Tourist  (Sinh Cafe)
Bus to Da Lat: The Sinh Tourist (Sinh Cafe)

The biggest difference of limousine than the normal bus are part of the vehicle interior is the reduced number of seats to create open space. Iin the vehicle integrates many utilities such as charging port telephones, light reading separate, premium leather seats, sound system, high-quality images … Pasengers  choose luxury limousine services to be demanded for the luxury, comfort and convenience in transfer. No longer suffer from cramming, carries more than guest chair served or captured guests along the way losing time waiting.

* Sleeping bus to Dalat with toilet: top quality bus companies

TheSinhTourist (Sinh Cafe) from Saigon to Dalat 

Passengers will experience top utilities and comfort. Especially on the sleeping bus with 39 seats of The Sinh Tourist. This promises to give each passenger a great experience that whichever carrier can bring to the passengers. Especially, The Sinh Tourist (Sinh Café) to Da Lat is the only bus serves toilets for passengers throughout the journey.

Company are always constantly improve the service to prove 5-star class from the vehicles to items services associated.

Departure time: 8:30 am and 10p.m  everyday. 

Travel time: about 7 hours . But the time may be vary due to the traffic situation. 

Departure place: 246-248 De Tham street – District 1 – Ho Chi Minh City. 

Destination: 22 Bui Thi Xuan street – Da Lat City – Lam Dong Province. 

The pick-up point: Supported at some point on the route. Passengers should contact to the switchboard on 1900 7070 for advice .

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Limousine from Sai Gon to Da Lat

Limousine from Da Lat to Sai Gon