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Dalat is too familiar to many tourists, but not ever stop being hot. With pleasant cool weather, every night will be colder which always makes passengers extremely interesting. Travelling Dalat is very easy to often, but sometimes due to lack of skills in the carefully calculations will make you that the budget deficit. With learn how to go to Dalat trip cheaper and fun.

1. Go Dalat in which car?

For the one want to save money or sightseeing on the way to Dalat, the car will be the right choice. There are many car manufacturers from the seat, the seat down, limousine or sleeping bus. While the limousine to Dalat be selected by the customer to be luxury, convenience and shorten travel time. Sleeping buses is still the first choice thanks to stable quality. Travel time is average, the bed brings more comfort for passengers.

Thanh Binh Xanh to Lam Dong are getting pretty good feedback based on customer experiences. Always committed to departure on time and passenger enthusiastic support. With 40 seats sleeping bus, passengers will be provided with comfortable beds with many amenities. It provides full air conditioning, wifi, drinking water and blankets for each passenger. Staff always try their best  to serve their customers.

Thanh Binh Xanh Bus to Da Lat City
Thanh Binh Xanh Bus to Da Lat City

Besides the drivers recruited experienced and dedicated to career. To help customers feel secure with safe trip. Currently, Thanh Binh Xanh Bus are having many attractive promotions. You can book tickets online:

Xe Thanh Bình Xanh từ Sài Gòn đi Đà Lạt

Xe Thanh Bình Xanh từ Đà Lạt đi Sài Gòn

With site, the largest booking ticket system in Vietnam. You can book tickets quickly with simple manipulations. Besides supporting online ticket booking, VeXeRe also provide full information the car firm. Whereever you are, you can easily find the desired car trip. Not only that, to the best customer support, always has more attractive promotions. At you can always booking with the lowest price..

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2. Cheap Homestay at Da Lat

With the explosion of apps booking, hotel reservations online. Promotions thus significantly increased. You should plan ahead as soon as possible and follow promotions on websites online.

Some cheap homestay to refer when travel to Dalat:

Dalat80s.NhaMinh – Cheap Homestay only from 130.000VND
Dalat80s.NhaMinh Homestay
Dalat80s.NhaMinh Homestay

Prices 130.000VND and 140.000VND for dorm beds, private rooms 400.000 – 450.000VND / night / 2 people, including  room with city view sightseeing or hill view with balconies for airing and photographed with large hill background. Address: Block B9, KQH Ngo Quyen – Bach Dang, Ward 6, Da Lat City. Contact phone number: 0908.942.266

Ngo dau Homestay – Cheap homestay from 120.000VND
Ngo Dau Homestay
Ngo Dau Homestay

Room’s price here only 120.VND/person/day and can freely use the common living room, kitchen and garden front. Especially, the front garden has their own the strawberry garden. Address: Han Thuyen Bridge, Ward 5, Da Lat. Contact Us: 0909.730.830.

The Wee Home – Cheap homestay from 120.000VND
Wee Homestay
Wee Homestay

Price: Dorm 120.000VND, which bed 1m4 comfortably cuddle yourself in the blanket, private room 300.000VND. Address: 17 Hoang Hoa Tham Ward 10, da lat. SDT Contact Us: 0120.850.2205

Tigon Dalat Hostel – Price only 60.000VND

Tigon Dalat Hostel
Tigon Dalat Hostel

Price: 60.000VND / persons, also have private rooms for 2 people still with that price. Prices of other services are also quite cheap, laundry drying: 15.000VND/kilograms, car rental is 80.000VND/day. Address: 1A Thong Thien Hoc Street, 1km far from market, behind Linh Son Pagoda and Langbiang Mountain. Phone number contact: 01234814981

Tasty food in Dalat?

Da Lat self-sufficient travelling, active time and space can not miss this snacks: “bánh căn” (mini-pancake with meet ball sauce) on Tang Bat Ho Street, “bánh căn” on Phan Dinh Phung Street; bánh ướt lòng gà (wet rice cake with chicken and tripe) on Tang Bat Ho, Thong Thien Hoc; banh trang nuong (Vietnamese pizza) – Nguyen Van Troi Street; Da Lat Market, grilled pork rolls – Phan Dinh Phung Street; Bui Thi Xuan Street, seafood – Hai Ba Trung street, spring rolls – Phan Dinh Phung Street, stuffed snails – Hai Ba Trung street, ….

Delicious food in Da Lat
Vehicles used in Da Lat?

Many place in Dalat often strange and long distance far from the center, but taxi is very expensive. Most of the motels, hotels,  homestays motorcycles are available motorcycles for rent. When booking you should contact for motorbike rental service. Or you can also contact Dalat market area. Rents motorcycles will depend on vehicles, ranging from 80.000VND – 150.000VND/ 1 day. 

Attraction place in Dalat 
Dalat Station
Dalat Station
Cu Lan Village

Tourism Dalat don’t forget those destinations should not be missed: Dreamy Hill, Tiger Cave, Golden Valley, Tran Le Xuan villa, Bao Dai palace, Cu Lan village, Pongour waterfall, Dalat station,…

Hoa Cam Tu Cau Trai Mat
Hydrangea Garden

Of course you should visit the Garden spots: Strawberry Garden, Flower Garden, Van Thanh Flower village, Ha Dong flower village, Thai Phien flower village,… When you come here you can also pick veggies, strawberries and buy them as gifts. To enjoy the panoramic view of the city you should reach Pinhatt Top, or check in at the beautiful spots Tuyen Lam Lake, Suoi Vang Lake, Xuan Huong Lake, Voi Mountain.

Xuan Huong Lake in the morning
Xuan Huong Lake in the morning

You should refer to these locations in advance and build schedules day by day. So the trip is just not expensive too much and save the time.

With maximum cost savings, your trip was fun and full of joy.

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Buses from Sai Gon to  Da Lat

Buses from Da Lat to Sai Gon