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At 320km to the Northeast of Hanoi is Sapa. This is where you can truly experience Vietnam. In this article, Vexere will give you detailed information of Hoang Anh – Lai Chau bus – one of the most popular bus companies that you can count on and book the ticket.

Hoang Anh is one of the reputable car on the route Ha Tinh – Hanoi – Sa Pa – Lai Chau and vice versa, with many years of experience in the field of transport. The high quality sleeper bus provides comfort and trust. In addition to the accompanying services of drinking water, blankets and towels, Hoang Anh is gradually improving the service process and their staff, to bring joy and satisfaction to every route. Many tourists choose Hoang Anh bus to book tickets to Hanoi. – Sapa.

  1. Hoang Anh – Lai Chau bus to Sapa

Hoang Anh – Lai Chau is one of the pioneer buses serving passengers on safe, fast and friendly journeys. With the desire to create a friendly, prestigious, quality, dedicated service, Hoang Anh Bus always try to bring satisfaction to customers.

High quality bus departures from Hanoi daily in the night, then it arrives Sapa in the morning, suitable for those who want to save time or have limited time to visit SaPa.

It has a departure location in the heart of Hanoi so it is very convenient for travelers especially booking accommodation in the Old Quarter area of Hanoi.

The fee included:

– Air conditioning.


– Cold towels, mineral water.

– Blankets, sleeping pillows for travel.

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  1. Hoang Anh – Lai Chau bus bus ticket from Hanoi to Sapa – Lao Cai: Price and contact information

Ticket price: 200,000 VND ~ 8.6 $ /person/way – 16h30 daily.

Departure location and transition:

My Dinh bus station – Ha Noi

When booking tickets, you should know in advance, available addresses and ask the transit advisors.

You should keep the phone with you for the driver to contact, the pick-up time is just the expected time, there will definitely be a difference. Should avoid unexpected situations, you should prepare before the appointment.

Duration: The total time is about 5 hours, you will experience the beautiful streets through the midland mountainous in the North. Enjoy the relaxed feeling no longer tired by the experienced driver and service team.

However, the time may be different from the schedule due to traffic condition.

Contact information:

Headquarter: 291 Vu A Dinh street, Lai Chau, Lai Chau Province.

  1. Why should you choose Hoang Anh – Lai Chau bus for you trip to Sapa?

Service staffs are enthusiastic, thoughtful, professional consultants to answer the questions of customers.

On overnight trips, drivers are still running at a moderate pace, and customers can comfortably sleep or take a rest.

Hoang Anh – Lai Chau Buses have a fixed departure time frame daily.

Notice: The buses are arranged depending on the turnaround, so you do not know the information of number plate and the driver in advance. If you have a need to know, contact the hotline right away.

The availability of Hoang Anh – Lai Chau Bus bus tickets will depend on the time of your booking. In order to avoid a spike in passenger traffic, or to get a position that is right for you, you need to plan early and contact your booking agent. You can book tickets Hoang Anh – Lai Chau Bus from Hanoi to Sapa and bus ticket Hoang Anh – Lai Chau Bus Sapa to Hanoi easy, convenient, prestigious website

After booking via, you can use the ticket code to board the car. Need to be in front of the car for 30 – 45 minutes to process. You send a message containing the ticket code to the staff, they will assist in issuing tickets and guide you to the appropriate car.

Or you should contact 1900 7070 in advanced of the departure date for the best experience.

Inside of Hoang Anh – Lai Chau bus

Some reviews from passengers

The Bao: “Last week, I just arrived to Sapa with my girlfriend by Hoang Anh Lai Chau bus, comfortable car, enthusiastic and professional staff. The trip is also very fast only about 5 hours from 7 am to 12:30 am, there are two stops on the way. The next time you go to Sapa, I will definitely choose this bus”

Alka: “They were helpful 🙂 Would highly recommend it 🙂 For all types of travellers, affordable and comfortable. I was blown away by how prompt and helpful they were. The trip between Hanoi and Sapa can be confusing and long, but they made it very easy. I was also able to make changes to my reservation without penalty. EXCELLENT service.  ”

Linh: “The drivers are on time and responsible in bringing us to Sapa. The seats are clean and very comfortable.”

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