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The VIP bus goes to Nha Trang as one of the customers’ frequent choices when traveling here.

Maybe not any word can describe Nha Trang’ s beauty – the coastal city and the political center, economics, culture, science and tourism of Khanh Hoa Province. Having all the beauty from artificial to natural, Nha Trang never disapointed visitors.

Going to Nha Trang, we’re not only enjoying the beauty of the world’ s most beautiful beaches but also the beauty of a modern but peaceful city. With the pretty names like ” agarwood area, Yen island”, ” Pearl of the Orient”,  Nha Trang has a special attraction for tourists.

Today’ s Vexere blog will help you answer the question if the limousine bus to Nha Trang is a perfect choice? 

Limousine bus to Nha Trang

  • Limousine bus: from 30 to 34 beds
  • Cabin bed bus

The quality of the limousine’s seat  

With a change in the size of the chair, making the passenger’ s place more spacious, and the bus equiped with thick cushions make a feeling of softness, comfortable. Trips whether far or near, a long-time seat passengers will also fatigue. But with the business class bus line, passengers can completely relax and rest on the car easily. 8 or 9 hours which is located on this chair is really no different than sleeping at home.

Space inside limousine  to Nha Trang 

Step into the bus, warm lighting and a convenient space that shows up at the small bar on the right – hand side and small cabinet used storage medical and personal supplies needed for each journey on the left hand . Right at the entrance door, the water heater depending on customer preference. Below is a cold water storage tank.

Warm space with soft light of colors. The beds have a private space, separated by a curtain.

The upper and lower bunk beds arranged unequal so that the steps on the second floor are not straight to the bottom underneath.

There are two bunk beds per side, in which the bunk bed of first deck is 1,8m length, on the second deck it  1, 9m length, suitable for both Vietnamese and foreign customers. Width of one half bed in conventional vehicles. Warm lighting and utilities create private spaces, wired insurance seats, easily lifting the head depend on needing. Each bed only allows one guest or one extra child if accompanied by a parent.

The space inside each bed is full as in a flight from television, drinking water, clock, lighting amenities. The watch is right above the TV, and each person chooses to see his or her favorite program.

Above the head are speakers, air-conditioning slots and custom lights. A table for light dining  or a work computer

The seat massage control has many levels and vibration style with three main parts, the head, back and legs.

Fork the water with the right reach and two adjustable light buttons. There is also a pop-up slot for carrying small luggage with people without sending them in the luggage compartment beneath the bus’s chassis.

There is also a small fork under the TV, which makes the passenger maximum storage without having to take the space of the bed.

On-vehicle facilities

Fully equipped with regular amenities such as air conditioning, blankets, drinking water. The plus point for this line is that there are additional refrigerators, 19-inch LED televisions, reading lighting systems,… 

With the interior being enhanced, the passengers can choose the appropriate position and be able to change all the way along the route. In the bus, it is equiped the mini-fridge, the passengers can experience the high-end bus service.

Limousine price.

A remarkable thing is emotion when customers experience the VIP bus. Though with a little higher price than the bed bus few tens of thousands “dong”, but passenger can experience authentic luxury bus space. Being dedicated service, attentive to the vehicle’s fully equipped Business Class bus line. It is certainly a unique experience that most limousine line brings passengers.

I’m sure after reading the article on you, you’ve got your own answer, don’t you?

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