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Surely that Vung Tau is everyone knows but I’m from Northern of Viet Nam, having a bussiness trip  to the South and got a chance to Vung Tau for the first time.

Vung Tau scenery
Vung Tau scenery

Short trip only 3 days and 2 nights, I go with one more from Saigon and self-sufficiency. For Northern sure you are not familiar, so I also want to share the experiences booking. 

First I ask everyone to know that the Hoa Mai to Vung Tau is the most popular bus, but having a friend work for VeXeRe – the large system of ticketing vehicles, give me the code discount so I booked here

First visit links site and choose destination point. Then a list many cars will show up, if you’re lazy, then click here, ok.

Do not worry if you see too many cars, there’s the filter at right corner, you just select what you want. I took the early morning ride to have the many time playing and not sunny. 

After a selection, watch reviews, and compare prices, transfer styles, my choice is Phat Loc An Bus. 

* Price: 

Phat Loc An Bus average priced compared to the market, not too high. Hoa Mai seat bus 110.000 VNĐ but this bus is a limousine so with the price 140.000VNĐ is acceptable, less time with air conditioning and charge plugged in, not stop catching guests along the way. Well, 160.000VND is the price for center seats, I like to be lean back because my friend got back pain. If you get bus sick you can sit beside the  driver chair, the end chair also comfortable. 

*Transfer service

Pick-up point is pretty cool,  I see a lot of convenient point in the whole of Saigon and Vung Tau. I got a bit confused I call center consulting 19007070. The consultation sister is very detailed, and back to my booking ticket screen.

* Quality 

Limousines is well known and everybody know that. This bus is the luxury line with 9 seats, large size chair. The middle seats have armrest, can lie between 10 ~ 45 degrees, depending on demanding. On vehicles equipped with WiFi, USB charging port positioned near the seat. Large LED screens 21 inches and cold towels, complimentary mineral water. Overall is great 

Phat Loc An Bus to Vung Tau
Phat Loc An Bus to Vung Tau

* Times: 

Time to move range 2 hour and 30 minutes – 3 hours depending on traffic conditions. While in bus to watch movies and sleep during the trip. Smooth ride not shock and disturb anyone. So much trip that it makes me confused. Generally you can go site and checking. 

The above is the experience of your ride, but I forgot about the driver care. Knowing that there are visitors in the bus should advise themselves a lot of play points. Highly recommend you to go.

Buses to Vung Tau from Sai Gon
Buses to Sai Gon from Vung Tau