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To fulfill the demands of whom visit the hometown as well as tourists who want to visit Phu Yen. The Cuc Tu operator provides a luxury limousine for transporting passengers from Sai Gon to Phu Yen and opposite way. With a television, a cold towel and a free drink on the bus with professional attitude serving. Cuc Tu Bus is gradually confirmed by the quality that gives customers by the luxury of the limousine line.

What is luxury limousine line?

Luxury limousine bed bus or it is also called cabin bus or private cabin bus. VIP bed bus that has been mark  the sucess of the vietnamese passenger transporation. 

In the past, limousine was mentioned to only  luxury bus line, a separate stem wall between the driver and the person in the back with all the fancy utilities that only the high society could possess and use. 

Luxury Cuc Tu Limousine
Luxury Cuc Tu Limousine

Until the limousine operators in Vietnam launched the limousine line that were converted from the bus vehicles 47 seat into the luxury 20 seat bus. Now, all passengers can experience the limousine bus service with average price. Now, synthesized the Limousine bed bus at up to 6 operators. The passengers can experience this service with the lowest price.

The biggest difference in limousine bus compared to normal bus is that the furniture is minimized seats to build open spaces. In the bus,it is equipped useful utilities charging port telephones, light reading separate, premium leather seats, sound system, high-quality images screen…  the passenger who chooses the luxury limousine service want to be satisfied luxurious, comfortable and convenience in moving. It’s not to be stuffed, pick too many passengers more than the chairs or pick the customers along the way takes time to wait.

2. High quality limousine bed bus: Address and phone number for booking online Cuc Tu Bus

Step into the bus, warm lighting and a convenient space that shows up at the small bar on the right – hand side and small cabinet used storage medical and personal supplies needed for each journey on the left hand . Right at the entrance door, the water heater depending on customer preference. Below is a cold water storage tank.Warm space with soft light of colors. The beds have a private space, separated by a curtain.

Luxury Cuc Tu Limousine
Luxury Cuc Tu Limousine

There are two bunk beds per side, in which the bunk bed of first deck is 1,8m length, on the second deck it  1, 9m length, suitable for both Vietnamese and foreign customers. Width of one half bed in conventional vehicles. Warm lighting and utilities create private spaces, wired insurance seats, easily lifting the head depend on needing. Each bed only allows one guest or one extra child if accompanied by a parent.

Luxury Cuc Tu Limousine

The space inside each bed is full as in a flight from television, drinking water, clock, lighting amenities. The watch is right above the TV, and each person chooses to see his or her favorite program. Above the head are speakers, air-conditioning slots and custom lights. A table for light dining  or a work computer. You can easily information and quickly booking ticket Cuc Tu Bus to Phu Yen from Sai Gon and the opposite route Cuc Tu Bus from Phu Yen to Sai Gon.

Close-up interiors inside high quality Cuc Tu Bus.
Close-up interiors inside high quality Cuc Tu Bus.

The seat massage control has many levels and vibration style with three main parts, the head, back and legs. Fork the water with the right reach and two adjustable light buttons. There is also a pop-up slot for carrying small luggage with people without sending them in the luggage compartment beneath the bus’s chassis. There is also a small fork under the TV, which makes the passenger maximum storage without having to take the space of the bed.

In order to best serving you with transportation and moving time frame ensures uninterrupted, Limousine support absolutely free transfer service in Saigon and Phu Yen. Cuc Tu Bus received much positive feedback from the customers actively using the service.

Every day, Cuc Tu Bus hase high-end beds limousine bus serve travellers from Saigon to Phu Yen. Committed to providing a great experience with a reasonable price. Besides the attentive serving, dedicated staff.

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