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Luxury Van Limousine to Sapa from Hanoi

Bus operator introduction

Luxury Van Limousine specializes in serving tourists and business travelers who need high-class and convenient transportation services. Hanoi Sapa Luxury Van is designed to be improved from a large car to a less seated vehicle. Change to a more spacious seat equivalent to airlines’ business class seats, suitable for even tall passengers. The seats are designed to slide and fall with adjustable buttons, so passengers can choose the most suitable and comfortable position easily and quickly.



Interior of Luxury Van Limousine Bus

Running schedule of Luxury Van Sapa Bus to Hanoi

Vehicle type: 9-seater Limousine and 12-seater Limousine.

Ticket price: 350.000 VND/ticket.

Departure time in Hanoi: 06h30, 7h, 7h10, 7h40, 14h45, 15h25 daily.

Departure time in Sapa: 7h30, 15h40 and 14h45 daily.

Travel time: About 4 and a half to 5 hours depending on the travel route. The time may vary depending on the traffic situation.

Pick up/drop off and transfer points of Luxury Van Limousine

In Hanoi:

  • The garage does not support door-to-door transfers in Hanoi.
  • Pick up/drop off are available at Domestic Terminal & International Terminal – Noi Bai Airport.

In Sapa:

  • The garage supports shuttle guests to the place in Sapa town.
  • Pick up/drop off at hotels and homestays in Sapa: Sapa Jade Hill,…

Travel route

Hanoi Office <> Noi Bai Airport <> Bao Ha <> Sapa Office.


luxury van limousine sapa hanoi

Luxury Van Limousine Bus

Address, phone number to book tickets for Luxury Van Limousine from Hanoi to Sapa

Garage address

  • In Hanoi: No. 16 Hang Dinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • In Sapa: No. 582 Dien Bien Phu, Sa Pa, Lao Cai.

Phone number of Luxury Van Sapa, Lao Cai

  • Bookings: 1900 88 86 84.
  • Shipment: 0243 992 1281 – 0947 368 812.

Review of Luxury Van Limousine to Sapa – Hanoi from customers


  • High-quality seat limousines. Ample car space. Ensure comfort and convenience for passengers.
  • The distance between seats is reasonable. The seats are upholstered in high-quality leather, equipped with charging ports, and separate reading lights in each seat.
  • High-quality WiFi.
  • Experienced ticket office staff, and drivers. Always ready to assist customers.


The number of visitors to Sapa from Hanoi of Luxury Van Limousine is quite large. So the bus station often sells out early on weekends or peaks. You should book tickets online in advance or contact our hotline at 1900 88 86 84 for the fastest support.


Some reviews of the Luxury Van Limousine garage from customers who have experienced it

Thu: “I was riding Sapa Luxury Van the other day and saw the good quality car. Pick up and drop off guests enthusiastically and stay on track.”

Tien: “The car is very ok. Driving is funny. Walking is very slow, there is no fast walking. The new car sits very comfortably. If there is an opportunity, we will continue to contact you to book this bus.”

Tan: “New car, beautiful, strong wifi, good sleep until Sapa. Next time I go to Sapa, I will choose your bus!”

luxury van limousine to hanoi from sapa

Luxury Van Limousine Bus

Guide to booking tickets for Luxury Van Limousine 

  1. Access the link to book tickets for Luxury Van Limousine to Sapa from Hanoi HERE.
  2. Select the departure date, time, and pick-up/drop-off point, and enter passenger details.
  3. Select the appropriate form of payment and proceed to pay for the ticket.

Wrapping Up

The above article is a summary of information about schedules, ticket prices, and some reviews about the Luxury Van Limousine bus from Hanoi to Sapa. Hope that the article will provide useful information for your next trip.

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