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Can Tho is the perfect destination for anyone wishes to visit the West of Vietnam. Almost all people come here with the main purpose to experience famous float market. Besides this float market, tourists can come here and enjoy various cuisine and many watering activities such as fishing, boating, swimming in natural rivers… With these fascinating places and activities, Nam A Chau Limousine bus provides high-end transport service to travel this charming destination.

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Therefore, this blog provides detailed review and information about Nam A Chau Limousine Bus ticket Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho.

Nam A Chau Limousine bus ticket Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho

Nam A Chau Limousine is one of the most reliable travelling agency of Ho Chi Minh City. We commit to to organize tour and rent bus with the most reasonable price, high-quality and reliable. More interestingly, we always have special discount for our loyal customers.

Nam A Chau Limousine is very popular for many routes departing from Ho Chi Minh City to: Can Tho, Laos, Ha Tien, Vung Tau, Da Lat, Mui Ne Nha Trang and then back.

Nam A Chau Limousine is one of the first limousine transport service to run fixed line Ho Chi Minh – Can Tho. Currently, they haven’t provided shuttle buses yet, so tourists should arrange transportation to travel to your hotel.

Service and facilities inside bus

Our staffs, drivers and driver assistants are well-trained, deliver professional service, polite, and always listen to passengers’ opinions in every situation.

There are 2 kinds of high-end limousine bus: 9-seat and 18-seat. Inside, there are clean, airy and private seats, which are covered by leather to bring passengers the first-hand experience while traveling. Luggage rack is very spacious, suitable for you heavy bag. However, for your best convenience, if your luggage is too big, you should inform in advanced when booking, so staff can support and arrange place for you.

More importantly, besides high-quality bus, Nam A Chau Limousine also provides wifi, drink, snack, charging socket, full service facilities for passengers to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Review travelling by Nam A Chau Limousine bus

Good-points: High-quality bus with soft and comfortable seat. Moreover, some VIP bus may have entertaining bar with TV LED 32inch, Apple TV, Ipad Air…

Need-to-improve points: Not many trips per day, so passengers need to book ticket soon and appear at the pick-up station on time. Luggage rack is not very spacious, so if your bag is too big or heavy, you should inform in advance when booking.

Bus schedule

Nam A Chau Limousine from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho

Departure time: 8:00AM daily

Duration: around 4 hours depending on your destination. However, the time may vary due to traffic

Pick-up location: 219 Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1

Nam A Chau Limousine from Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh

Departure time: 13:30 daily

Pick-up location: 75-77-79 Lý Hồng Thanh street (Hạnh Phúc Hotel), Cần Thơ.

Bus: luxurious 9-seat and 18-seat VIP limousine bus

Booking and contact information

Ho Chi Minh Office: 219 Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1

Or you can book online ticket at

*Note: You should contact or book ticket through online system in advanced to avoid unavailability of tickets.

Price: 250.000 VND/ per single ticket

Payment: 100% in advanced

In order to meet the demand for travelling, recreation, vacation and entertainment of customers in free time, weekends and holidays as well, Nam A Chau provide buses with high-quality equipment. In specific, spacious and thick-leather seats bring passengers softness and comfort while sitting. Most of bus trip, although far or near, long sitting time may make passengers be tired. Nevertheless, with VIP Limousine bus, passengers can easily be relax in bus.

Reference fares for other routes of Nam A Chau Limousine from Ho Chi Minh City

Vung Tau: 100,000 VND

Mui Ne: 250,000VND

Da Lat: sleeper bus: 280,000 VND; seat bus: 250,000 VND

Nha Trang: sleeper bus: 200,000 VND

With affordable price and high-end facilities, Nam A Chau Limousine provide passengers pleasant experience in travelling. Well reviewed regarding to quality and price, Nam A Chau Limousine from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne becomes the best choice for visitors going to Mui Ne. With slogan “The pleasure of travel”, Nam A Chau Limousine commit to deliver the most enjoyable and safest trip.

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