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First, when talking about Phan Rang – Thap Cham,  is the land of sun and wind, where it is sunny and wind around the year. The central provinces like quang nam, quang ngai, hue also have sunny and wind, but in Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan, it is located in a new high level, because the rainfall here is very few hours in the country every year, and it is curently the most sunny area in the country.

In addition, phan rang was considered the capital of grapes with many famous vineyard gardens. Especially in every grape season to see the green canvas, dangling beneath is the juicy bunches of water. This is also one of the characteristics of phan rang tourism. And most of all, phan rang doesn’ t lack beautiful beaches, beautiful sand dunes, flat. You can play and take a picture until tired on the yellow sands. Let’ s get together with synthesize tips travelling to Phan Rang this summer! 

Phan Rang tourism season

You can travel to Phan Rang at any time, not worried about cold or storm. However, if you want to have  time with the most ideal weather, you should go in May to September. This is the time that Phan Rang was relatively cool, more comfortable weather than other months.

The period from May to September in Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan is the ideal time for experiences and relaxing. With an average temperature from 25 -27 celsius degrees, the dry weather, but this is a favorite time of many foreign and domestic tourists. BecausePhan Rang – Ninh Thuan is the paradise of beautiful beaches and wild sceneries, visitors  should seek the following points to make a trip as expected. 

Beautiful tourist points in  Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan

Rai Cave: from Phan Rang city following the route to the Ninh Chu beach  reaching to Tri Thuy bridge, turn right and following Provincial Highway No.702 about 35 km to the northeast of ninh thuan, you will be arriving with the Rai cave in Thai An village, Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district.

On the sea-way season, in the middle of november to march is the ideal time to visit and also be a good opportunity to exploit unique and beautiful images of the sea, green moss on coral reefs.

Vinh Hy Bay: about 40 kilometers from Phan Rang city, tourists going along Nguyen Van Cu street, Truong Chinh. Through the Tri Thuy bridge, turn right at the – coastal road Provincial Highway No.702. Along route to Vinh Hy, visitors will be seen beautiful roads, one side of the sea, the other is a cool green forest. 

Cool blue sea in Phan Rang
Cool blue sea in Phan Rang

Ninh Chu beach: known as one of the most beautiful and wild beaches in the central region, attracting a lot of visitors to sightseeing and entertainment. The Ninh Chu beach has 10 kilometers of length, the flat coast, the blue sea water, white smooth sand, fresh air, rustle surf around the year, which is suitable for tourism activities such as bathing, windsurfing, fishing, fishing, and yachts, and climb mountains.

Passenger can choose canoeing to go to Ninh Van Bay faster.
Passenger can choose canoeing to go to Ninh Van Bay faster.

Sheep, goats farm: Phan Rang is one of the largest sheep farming places in Vietnam. The sheep were brought back to the barn at 3 – 4 pm, the other will be left on the hills. If you want to take photo a large number of sheep, you have to go a little further, tens of kilometers out of Phan Thiet to Phan Rang. Every flock of hundreds of them are fed on the streets, a small tip that  you should ask for some weed to feed the sheep to get the congenial of the sheep when shooting.

The best bus advice to Phan Rang

Recently, Phan Rang is always the ideal place to trave forl a long holiday. With a road of 340 km from Sai Gon to Phan Rang, a bus is a popular vehicle selected by passengers. So which operators are the best to Phan Rang from Sai Gon? Let’s with see  the operators to Phan Rang having the best review down here!

First of all, the choice for the people who want to experience the feeling comfortable, luxury on the route for eight hours to Phan Rang, you can choose the vip cabin line or limousine to travel. 

Cabin bed bus line
Cabin bed bus line


The vip bus line has a super comfortable seat with a wide seat, the leather with europe standard, so cushy. The bus is fully equipped with the refrigerators, led screens talevision, lighting systems for reading, seat footrest, etc….to meet all the needs bring the comfortable  for the passengers. Fast time travel and passenger transit support service to places in the city, but also not crammed or pick up along the road causing fatigue when moving.


The fare is higher than the average price from 300.000 VND –400.000 VND, depending on the operator you choosing. Cabin bus or limousine bed bus are always out of ticket at the weekend if they are not reserved. Please contact to 1900 7070 for the best advice and support.

Now the Sai Gon – Phan Rang route has six operators with current vip bus line: 

In addition to the above option, if you travel with the group, the team or family, want to have a suitable ticket price, but are comfortable and convenient, the choice of bed bus is usually suitable.

Currently, the route from Sai Gon – Phan Rang  are mainly served bed bus with the average price from 150.000 VND  to 200.000 VND / ticket. Generally, the buses provide fully utilities such as air conditioners, drinks, blankets, pillows and wifi for customers throughout the travelling. 

The most stand out operators about the quality to Phan Rang with bed bus line:

See more information about the operators with the same route and booking ticket with the lowest price at

Bus from Sai Gon to Phan Rang

Bus from Phan Rang to Sai Gon