Vé xe khách đi tỉnh Hà Tĩnh

Limousine from Ha Noi to Cam Xuyen

The south of Cam Xuyen District adjoining Ky Anh District. The northern adjoining Ha Tinh City and Thach Ha district. The west adjoin Huong Khe district and a part of Quang Binh Province. East adjoining the East Sea. Natural area: 635.5 km2. With more than 153.000 population. This is also the local has  Ha Tinh – Quang Binh Expressway Project passing under construction. Cam Xuyen district located in the east of Ha Tinh Province. The district is famous for...

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Limousine from Ha Noi to Ky Anh

Ky Anh is a southeast coastal township of Ha Tinh province. The place where the Hoang Son Mountain and Ngang Pass. This town has a coastline of about 63 km lenghth. Highway No.1A go along this township is about 56 km, Highway No.12 connecting with Cha Lo border gate. Ky Anh has the geographical location quite convenient, 340 km away from Hanoi to the south. From Ky Anh, you can go southeast to to Nhat Le Beach is 70...

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