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Traveling by bus on vacation, business trips, or returning home is quite familiar to many tourists. Although undesirable, problems while traveling can happen at any time, and this is undoubtedly a concern of many passengers when choosing to travel by this means. Therefore, owning a Vexere Trip Insurance package when traveling will be a wise choice to protect you against risks throughout the journey.

Introducing Trip Insurance

Vexere officially launched an insurance product called Trip Insurance, in cooperation with Bao Viet Insurance and Saladin. This personal accident insurance product is designed specifically for customers who buy bus tickets through the Vexere system. Help bring peace of mind to passengers and offset financial losses due to risks that may occur during the journey with passenger transport partners affiliated with Vexere.

  • Insurance buyer: Customers buy bus tickets through Vexere.
  • The insured: Passengers making the trip according to the purchased ticket, from 12 months to 70 years old.
  • Insurance premium: 20,000 VND/one-way ticket.
  • Scope of coverage: Risk of accidents occurring during the trip from the time the Insured gets on the vehicle (departure point) to the time the Insured gets off the vehicle (destination) resulting in the insured being medical treatment, in-patient treatment, death/permanent disability.
  • Insurance period: During the trip, from the time the Insured gets on the vehicle to the time the insured gets off the vehicle.

Advantages of Trip Insurance

  • The sum insured is up to 400 million VND.
  • Comprehensive insurance benefits: Medical expenses, in-patient treatment, death, disability, etc.
  • 100% refund of TICKET when the trip is canceled due to objective reasons.
  • Claiming compensation online is simple and fast.
  • Electricity Insurance Certificate.

Insurance benefits

Insurance benefits Paid by insurance
Death/ total permanent disability due to accident 400 million VND
Permanent partial damage Pay according to the injury rate table
Support for medical expenses due to accidents 3 million VND
Hospital fee support (maximum 3 days) due to accident 500,000 VND/day

Note: Customers can request to change their insured itinerary information at least one hour before the Original Departure Time and the new Departure Time, whichever comes first.

Instructions for ordering trip insurance at Vexere

Step 1: At the Trip Information step, select Trip Insurance Utilities, then click Continue.

trip insurance

Step 2: Proceed to pay for bus tickets and insurance. On the Successful Payment page, click Details in the Utilities section to view full information on Insurance Benefits and Compensation Instructions.

trip insurance 1

In particular, Saladin’s Trip Insurance product is upgraded compared to conventional accident insurance with a trip cancellation policy to compensate customers for losses when a trip is canceled due to other causes. Objectively, such as natural disasters or vehicles having problems that cannot be overcome.

Introducing the trip cancellation policy

The trip cancellation policy is designed to compensate customers for losses when a trip with Trip Insurance is canceled due to objective reasons.

Policy details

Customers will receive a 100% refund of the actual ticket price paid when they cannot make the trip according to the insured schedule due to any of the following reasons:

  • The bus company providing passenger transport services announces trip cancellation due to force majeure causes (Natural disaster risks; Riots & strikes; Vehicles encountering problems that cannot be repaired) and not have alternative trips for customers.
  • Customer’s family members: legally married spouse, children (biological children or legally adopted children), biological parents, parents-in-law of the Insured who died; or Hospitalization for 24 hours or more, requiring the presence of the Insured, and which was not anticipated or known in advance on the date of purchase.
  • The insured is hospitalized for 24 hours or more.

What do I need to do to get my ticket refunded?

Customers need to notify Saladin and Vexere of ticket cancellation in one of the following two ways:

1/ Access Saladin’s Claim Creation Portal, create a Claim and select the Claim reason for Trip Cancellation (Policy reserved for customers purchasing Trip Insurance).

2/ Contact Saladin directly for support:

Saladin will then coordinate to review the reasons for canceling the customer’s ticket and request the customer to provide proof of the Causes of ticket cancellation (if any) and make a decision.


The trip cancellation policy is valid for 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time covered. This benefit does not apply to flight cancellations due to the customer’s late arrival/absence at the scheduled departure time.

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