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Xe Nha is a long-term bus company operating on the Saigon – Nha Trang route. Serving a variety of vehicles with high-class service quality, Nha Trang buses are highly appreciated by many customers. Join Vexere Blog for schedule details, and bus fares of Xe Nha through the following article!

Xe Nha Bus Operator to Nha Trang from Saigon

Bus operator introduction

To meet the needs of expatriate children as well as tourists who want to visit Nha Trang. Xe Nha bus operator provides sleeper cars to transport passengers from Saigon to Nha Trang and vice versa.

With television, cold towels, free drinking water on board, and a professional service attitude. Xe Nha to Nha Trang from Saigon increasingly asserts its name by bringing quality to customers with limousine sleeper cars.


xe nha bus interior

Xe Nha bus interior

Running schedule of Xe Nha Saigon to Nha Trang

Vehicle type: 20-seater room bed limousine and 40-seater sleeper.

Ticket price:

  • Limousine room bed 20 seats: 440.000 VND/ticket.
  • 40-seater sleeper: 250.000 VND/ticket.

Departure time in Saigon: 11:30, 20:00, 20:30, 20:45, 21:00, 22:00 and 22:02 daily.

Departure time in Nha Trang: 20:05, 20:20, 20:35, 20:50, 21:50, 22:00 and 22:02 daily.

Travel time: About 9 hours depending on the route. The time may vary depending on the traffic situation.

Pick-up/drop-off and transfer points of Xe Nha

In Saigon:

  • The bus operator does not support door-to-door transfers in Saigon.
  • There is pick-up/drop-off along the way at some locations: Phuong Trang Lounge (Mai Chi Tho Street),…

In Nha Trang:

  • The bus operator does not support door-to-door transfers in Nha Trang.
  • Pick up/drop off at some locations: Ca Na – Ninh Thuan Commune, Khanh Hoa Bird’s Nest Company, Dong Lat Junction, Cam Ranh Post Office, My Ca Junction, Cam Hai Intersection, Lotte Mart Nha Trang,…

Travel route

Eastern Bus Station <> 23/9 Park Bus Station <> Pham Ngu Lao Office <> Cam Ranh Bus Station <> Lotte Mart Nha Trang.


xe nha bus from sai gon to nha trang

Xe Nha Bus

Address, and phone number for booking Xe Nha bus tickets Nha Trang – Saigon

Bus operator address

  • In Saigon: 317 Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1.
  • In Nha Trang: Lotte Mart Nha Trang.

Phone number of Xe Nha bus Saigon to Nha Trang

  • Bookings: 1900 88 86 84.
  • Shipment: 1900 633 963.

Review of Xe Nha to Nha Trang – Saigon from customers


  • The bus leaves continuously and at a fixed daily timeframe.
  • Modern interior. Regularly maintained and upgraded.
  • The dedicated team of drivers. Drive safely, and provide a safe journey for passengers.
  • Service staff always support customers wholeheartedly and thoughtfully. Answer customers’ questions wholeheartedly.


The number of visitors to Nha Trang from Saigon of Xe Nha is quite large. So the bus station often sells out early on weekends or peaks. You should book tickets online in advance or contact our hotline at 1900 88 86 84 for the fastest support.


Some reviews of the Xe Nha Bus from customers who have experienced it

M. Hong: “Xe Nha has many routes, I often go to Saigon – Cam Ranh, my first comment is good service, clean car, modern facilities. Next is that the fare is also appropriate, and finally the staff is very polite and enthusiastic. I appreciate the Xe Nha.”

Vy: “Xe Nha Cam Ranh – Saigon route is very good, new sleeper car, cool air conditioning, drinking water, cold towels served continuously, and stop at the request of guests, I really like to ride Nha car.”

Customer Thuy: “The bus runs HCM – Nha Trang very professional, the bus is very new, the seats are comfortable, running smoothly, very punctual, the driver and office staff are very attentive and agile. Will continue to ride the Xe Nha.”

xe nha bus sai gon nha trang

Xe Nha Bus Operator

Guide to booking tickets for Xe Nha

  1. Access the link to book tickets for Xe Nha to Nha Trang from Saigon HERE.
  2. Select the departure date, time, and pick-up/drop-off point, and enter passenger details.
  3. Select the appropriate form of payment and proceed to pay for the ticket.

Wrapping Up

The above article is a summary of information about schedules, ticket prices, and some reviews about the Xe Nha bus from Saigon to Nha Trang. Hope that the article will provide useful information for your next trip.

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