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 Dalat with the mild climate and cool but its attraction never stop. Specialties with lyrical scenery, the special food and hospitable people. Dalat always make people want to come back to wallowing in emotion again and again.

How many hours does it take from Saigon to Dalat?

The journey from Saigon to Dalat takes between 6 to 8 hours. Thus, Bus always being the most choice .

Especially nowaday limousine bus to Da Lat is the most popular line. Passengers can easily compare the prices between bus operators to Dalat at website.

Types of Bus to Da Lat:

– Da Lat cabin bed: As the most modern bus in the transportation sector, usually about 20-22 cabins each one.

Cabin bed bus from Sai Gon to Da Lat
Cabin bed bus from Sai Gon to Da Lat

– Limousines Da Lat:

*Limousine: A high-end bed bus, thick mattress and softer and curtains in each bed. Normally this vehicles will be about 30-34 beds. Passengers can use the curtain to create their own space. 

Limousine to Da Lat
Limousine to Da Lat

*Reclining seat  limousine bus to Da Lat: A reclining seat bus, with a thick cushion and backrest designed. Depending on which bus company, it has from 9 to 18 seat each bus.

 Hoang Vu Limousine seat bus to Da Lat
Hoang Vu Limousine seat bus to Da Lat

Sleep Bus to Da Lat: Normal bed bus, with about 38-45 beds each one.

Sleep bus from Sai Gon to Da Lat
Sleep bus from Sai Gon to Da Lat

The timetable from Sai Gon to Da Lat on the day:

Departure’s timeBus’s Company
3amMy Hien
5amPhong Phu; Minh Tri Limousine; Dan Anh; My Hien
05:45 amThanh Binh Xanh
6amLe Tran Limousine; My Hien Bus
6:30 amMinh Thu Bus
7:30 amXinh Xinh Bus
7:40 amXuan Hung Bus
8amLe Tran Limousine; Xinh Xinh Bus
8:30 amThe Sinh Tourist
9amHoang Vu Limousine; Minh Tri Limousine; Dan Uyen Bus
10amLe Tran Limousine; Quynh Nhu Bus; Dan Uyen Bus
11amQuynh Nhu Bus
12pmMinh Tri Limousine; My Hien Bus
12:15pm; 12:45pmThanh Binh Xanh Bus
1:20pmXuan Hung Bus
2pmLe Tran Limousine; Dan Anh Bus
3pm; 4pmMy Hien
5pmMinh Tri Limousine
8pmLe Tran Limousine; Thuan Hung Bus
8:30pmCanh Hoa Bus; Thuan Hung Bus
9:20pmTrong Minh
9:30pmCanh Hoa Bus; Thuan Hung Bus
9:45pmThanh Binh Xanh
10pmTrong Minh, Dan Anh Bus, Minh Tri Limousine
The Sinh Tourist, Le Tran Limousine
10:20pmTrong Minh
10:45pm; 10:50pmThanh Binh Xanh
11pmTrong Minh, Phong Phu, Minh Tri Limousine, Hoang Vu Limousine,
Đuc Tuan Limousine, Le Tran Limousine
11:15pmNguyen Kim
11:20pmTrong Minh, Phong Phu
11:30pmHoang Vu Limousine, Phong Phu
11:45pmNguyen Kim
11:50pmPhong Phu
11:58pmMinh Tri Limousine
11:59pmHoang Vu Limousine, Trong Minh

* Note: Time running may vary depending on peak days, weekends. You can contact via switchboard 1900 7070 for advice or booking online at

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Have a memorable trip Dalat with many beautiful memories!

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Bus from Sai Gon to Da Lat
Bus from Da Lat to Sai Gon