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Nha Trang is dubbed as the coastal city, one of the most beautiful sea bays in the world. So you should have a time to get here.

To get to Nha Trang, you should consider the vehicle. I am from Saigon so there are many vehicles such as airplanes, trains, vehicles,…

Get the coupon from my friend work for Vexere, I decided to book a bus ticket even more savings but surely I don’t regret because i booked a cabin bus.

First I asked everyone to know the Lien Hung Bus to Nha Trang is the most popular bus but I have the VeXeRe code so I booked it.

First go to the link select the destination point. Then the list so many kind of bus will appear, if you lazy, click here.

Don’t worry if you see too many cars, there’s a filter on the right corner, you choose your choice. I took a night ride so that tomorrow morning coming there, sleep 1 night and  time saving.

After a selection of options, see reviews and compare prices, transfer the types of cars, I choose Xe Nha Bus  (Friendly name bus).


Xe Nha Bus fare is average compared to market, not too high. The normal bed bus is all about 220.000VND  but this one is a limousine, so with the price 400.000 VND is too good, and less trip, air-conditioned and charging, not stopping  to pick guests along the way.


I’m a bit confused where to drop, so i call to a 19007070 for consultant. The consultant was very detailed, and then she returned to the ticket bookingi.

In Saigon, the bus has office at 355 Pham Ngu Lao street, Dist. 1. The transfer is not supported in Saigon. Passengers are required to be at the office before half an hours of departure time. Pick-up is available along the route with an appointment in advance.

In Nha Trang, drop off at office No. 12D Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Nha Trang City. Transfer is not supported. Passengers can contact the operator of 1900 7070 for advice.


Step into the car, warm lighting and a convenient space that is available at the small-right-hand bar and the necessary items for each journey on your left. Right at the door up and down is the Electric Water Heater depending on the customer’s preferences. Below is the cold bucket containing water.

Warm space with soft light of colors. The beds have a private space, separated by a curtain.

The upper and lower bunk beds arranged unequal so that the steps on the second floor are not straight to the bottom underneath.

There are two bunk beds per side, in which the bunk bed of first deck is 1,8m length, on the second deck it  1, 9m length, suitable for both Vietnamese and foreign customers. Width of one half bed in conventional vehicles. Warm lighting and utilities create private spaces, wired insurance seats, easily lifting the head depend on needing. Each bed only allows one guest or one extra child if accompanied by a parent.

The space inside each bed is full as in a flight from television, drinking water, clock, lighting amenities. The watch is right above the TV, and each person chooses to see his or her favorite program.

Above the head are speakers, air-conditioning slots and custom lights. A table for light dining  or a work computer

The seat massage control has many levels and vibration style with three main parts, the head, back and legs.

Fork the water with the right reach and two adjustable light buttons. There is also a pop-up slot for carrying small luggage with people without sending them in the luggage compartment beneath the bus’s chassis.

There is also a small fork under the TV, which makes the passenger maximum storage without having to take the space of the bed.

On-vehicle facilities

Fully equipped with regular amenities such as air conditioning, blankets, drinking water. The plus point for this line is that there are additional refrigerators, 19-inch LED televisions, reading lighting systems,… I like the comfort of the bed, watch the phone and watch the TV, not boring as the car lying or worried the phone runs out of battery. It’s very comfortable.

The above is the experience of your ride, but I forgot about the driver care. Knowing that there are visitors in the bus should advise themselves a lot of play points. Highly recommend you to go.